SPOT 2020 with a sharp focus on metal

dec 26, 2019

Once again, metal will get its own day during SPOT. On Friday May 1, five upcoming Danish acts will play concerts at the venue Train – all of them acts who define or are going to define the Danish scene with export-ready metal in the years to come.

At the venue will be not only a dedicated metal audience but also representatives from the Danish and international rock and metal industry as one of the objectives of the night is to bridge the Danish and the international scenes and to sell Danish acts to international markets.

The actual line up for the night will be announced later, but it has been confirmed that DJ Leifur will play before, between, and after the different acts.

A full house and a great vibe – SPOT Metal 2019 at Train / Photo: Tricia Yourkevich

Train and SPOT is organizing the event in close association with MXD – Music Export Denmark, Mono Goes Metal and Metal Royale.

Xenoblight – SPOT Metal 2019 @ Train / Photo: Tricia Yourkevich

The audience got what they hoped for at SPOT Metal 2019 / Photo Tricia Yourkevich