20 new acts for SPOT 2020

jan 16, 2020

The turn of the year calls for more acts for this year’s festival. And to celebrate the beginning of the new 20’s we present to you 20 new names for the SPOT 2020 line-up. 

As usual the music covers a wide field, and this time we have cool acts from Denmark, Sweden and Norway representing pop, r’n’b, synth, trap-rock, folk, electronic, jazz and hip hop, each of these with a unique take on the genre.

First some pop gems: Mimi Bay (SE), OK OK (DK), Highasakite (NO), PATINA (DK), Yaeger (SE), BATHSHEBA (DK), Ganger (DK) and brenn. (NO) – no two of them sounding the same and every one of them with their own twist on the pop genre.

FRAADS (DK), Lillebittebock (DK), JJ Paulo (DK), RH (DK), and Atusji (DK) are going to give us a touch of hip hop and rap with creative lyrics, catchy rhythms and honest melodies, while Lydmor (DK), ELBA (DK) and ELOQ (DK) will make sure we get a dose of electronic and synth right in the veins. Svaneborg Kardyb (DK) will also draw on the synth albeit with an acoustic touch

First Flush (DK) will give you a shot of acoustic folk mixed with trap-rock, to soothe the soul Marshall Cecil (DK) is going to give you the melancholy, and Søren Stensby will give you the classic violin with an electronic tune.

Read more and see full line-up here.