24 new Acts for SPOT 2020

feb 20, 2020

We’re happy to announce the 24 new acts who will be playing at this year’s SPOT Festival.

Modern scandi-pop to soothe your ears and heart

The Norwegian singers Amanda Tenfjord and Mia Berg are both highly competent when it comes to creating cutting edge pop melodies with hints of melancholy. Danish Angående Mig, Ida Laurberg, Ydegirl and Faroese Greta Svabo Bech each present their takes on personal and quirky songwriting which will mesemerize you.

From rising stars to established artists in new colors

FOOL, TÅRN, Jonah Blacksmith and Soleima x Live Strings are well-known acts on the Danish music scene. Behind the solo project Sunx you’ll find the former member of Treefight for Sunlight Morten Winther Nielsen. Rangleklods has returned to its roots as a solo project by Esben Andersen.

Get your rock and punk fix

If you’re missing hard-hitting rock music that containts folk elements then look no further. Astronaut and Skinny Violet is your new rock fix. Experimental Deadpan and Copenhagen-based Joyce bring punk with attitude and textual depth. Golden Core (NO) is the name of the young metal duo who engage with the dark forces in music.

Contemporary urban at SPOT

Bette, Hannes (SE) and Jesse Markin (FI) represent the sound of modern r’n’b when they spice it up with jazzy elements and soul. Goldie6is and JEREMYTROY are new promising hiphop/rap acts that perfectly balance between deep textual universes and impressive flows.

Furthermore, prepare to enjoy Calby‘s soulpop and Takykardia‘s genre mixes at SPOT.

– – –

Photo: Mikkel Elming