LOCKDOWN LIVE: A digital night showcasing the local urban music scene

apr 29, 2020

On Saturday, May 2, Aarhus Volume and Our Agency invite you to be part of LOCKDOWN LIVE in collaboration with SPOT, Music City 2022 and Promus.
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The local urban music scene in Aarhus has never been more interesting and relevant. LOCKDOWN LIVE is the digital showcase where you can experience what the local and talented artists within the urban genre and subgenres have to offer. In the course of the night, 12 artists will be presented, and all of it is going to take place live via Aarhus Volume and SPOT Festival’s Facebook and Instagram.

The magical night will kick off on Saturday at 7 PM (CEST), and you will be guided through the night by none other than local hip hop legend Marc Johnson.
You will get to see Smiley, Nella, $HYBXI, Marcus Gordon, IVAN$ITO,  Graa, Føl Som, Bogfinkevej, Zaka & Blok 12,  Ham fra Syd,  NOCLAJTP, 28 and Baby Bino.

Saturday’s line-up:

●  Smiley
Smiley is known from DON x LEE x BARBER –  now focusing on his solo project “stadig koldt”, released in Januar 2020.


A hiphop and RnB voice on the rise, giving you american inspired tracks. Raised in Boston his voice has an autentic feel as he comments on sensitive matters, love and his respect and admiration for women.

● Marcus Gordon
A RnB artist back after a 2 year break with the EP ‘Bøhland – ready to challenge the national urban scene with fresh and new sounds.

Danish/Chilenian rapper and singer blending Spanish rhymes, Nordic noir-beats, and Latinamerican rhythms. Catchy tunes and lyrics with an afterthought.

●  Graa
Urban inspired elektropop


●  Føl Som
Føl Som = følsom (Danish for being sensitive). To show one’s true colour and to make your human weaknesses become your strength.


●  Nella
A completely new act!

●  Bogfinkevej
Aarhus trio with a universe of catched melodies, sweaty beats and edgy lyrics.

●  Zaka & blok 12
Zaka og blok 12 – 2 new Aarhus rappers  –  playing with both music and sounds.


●  Ham fra Syd
Ham fra Syd is inspired by the hard, controversial drill-sound, made popular by Chief Keef in Chicago and since mutated to UK drill.

NICOLAJTP just released his album ‘’En Uge’’ – a different, melancholic hiphop universe with a sensitive voice and a truly compelling rap.


● 28
Universal’s new hope. Aften working under the radar, the Aarhus rapper is now ready for the Danish stages with his US inspired sound.

●  Baby Bino
Baby Bino’s lyrics are based on his and the gang’s daily life and lifestyle. The sound and the (life) style is reflected in the dominant Trap / hiphop wave. According to Baby Bino himself, you should be able to “feel yourself” when listening and singing along on the tracks. The special way of life is an important part of the music and the expression.