3rd Tsunami Dayparty

3rd Tsunami Agency

3rd Tsunami Agency presents seven of the most exciting upcoming Danish artists. The music-extravaganza is held at Voxhall in Aarhus the 30th of April. The doors open at 6pm, kick-off is at 7pm and is free for everyone with a SPOT-pass (40 kr. entrance without). See you there!



Not following the traditional ways of composing, writing and performing, Ganger is one of the most exciting new Danish acts. The unique universe is built around highly technical vocal performances, original productions and a marvelous live performance. 



The Danish duo, Dusin’s, concerts are highly energetic and the groovy and electronic pop-productions forms the perfect setting for the sincere and honest lead vocal. When Dusin starts playing it’s impossible not to immerse into their meaningful pop-universe. 



Young urban artist, Josva, has established himself as a rising star in the making. The laid-back vibe is complemented by a steady flow, exploring lyrics and melodic productions. When live, these elements combined results in a new-age urban experience.

Pleasure Raft
With a mesmerizing voice and catchy melodies, Pleasure Raft seeks to spellbound his listener with lush and dreamy indie-pop songs. His songs are deeply inspired by the 80’s synth era, but is surely a mix of many different worlds. 


EmmaDop is a new and exciting trio, who despite small-town roots come with an international sound. Line’s showy, yet subtle vocals come to life in refined, poignant pop songs that ooze of sincerity and pure joy. Expect a crushing and original performance.



NEXØ is an explosive punk band from Copenhagen. The music is forged by equal parts apathetic frustration and revolutionary indignation about the state of the World, and their live shows are like a fist of raw energy. NEXØ consists of four experienced musicians on a mission.


Michael Williams

The highly energetic urban artist, Michael Williams, aims to create a party whether you’re listening to his music through the radio or watching him perform live. His strong vocal and honest lyrics are backed up by pulsating and heavy productions, all delivered with huge amounts of credibility, making him one of a kind in Denmark.